Request and Autohority to Debit
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I, ,
request and authorise IntelliTrac Pty. Ltd. trading as IntelliTrac user Identification Number 324439 to arrange through
its own financial institution for any amount IntelliTrac Pty. Ltd. trading as IntelliTrac may debit or charge you to be
debited through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System from an account held at the financial conditions of the Direct
Debit Request Service Agreement and any further instructions provided below.

We agree that IntelliTrac is authorised to increase the amount on our existing Direct Debit Authority to cover the cost
of the GPS devices, accessories, services and monthly fees for this order. The Direct Debit Authority will continue to be
accessed for the duration of this contract under the terms and conditions of sale and as long as the service is provided by
IntelliTrac beyond the contract date.
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Acknowledgement By signing this Direct Debit Request you acknowledge having read and understood the terms and conditions
governing the debit arrangements between you and IntelliTrac Pty. Ltd. trading as IntelliTrac as set out in this
Request and in your Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.
Payment details
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Monthly Direct Debits remain in force for a minimum period of
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or until you notify in writing of your intention to terminate this agreement
and any other relevant agreements pertaining to this direct debit request.
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Alternatively, you can download the pdf form here.
Complete the form manually, sign and send it back to us by fax to 03 9466 7188.